At the Matadepera Swing Weekend you will be able to enjoy different levels of Lindy hop and Collegiate Shag classes. Moreover, there will be Aerials, Balboa and Followers’ style as additional extensions.




Lindy hop (6h)

  • Intermediate (1 – 2,5 years): You have been dancing for at least one year. You dance regularly, totally understand the concept of connection and know the basic steps.
  • Advanced (> 2,5 years): You are a lindy hop enthusiast. You have been dancing for more than 2,5 years and can’t wait to be on the dancefloor. You perfectly understand how to lead / follow most of the steps and your goal is to improve your technique.


Collegiate Shag (6h)

  • Intermediate (6 months – 1,5 years): You are familiar with the basic steps and are capable to lead / follow most of the steps. Your aim is to learn new steps and improve your technique. You can dance fast tempos but still do not feel confortable with super fast tempos.
  • Advanced (> 1,5 years): You are a shag enthusiast. You have been dancing shag for more than 1,5 years and you do it everytime you can. You have been in international workshops and maybe you are even teaching it. You are not afraid of the faster tempos, you have become a shag-machine.


Extensions (3h)

Extensions can be added to the Lindy hop / Collegiate shag classes or just be taken separatedly.
You can only chose between one of the extensions.

  • Followers: You know the basics of Lindy hop, and you’re capable to succesfully follow the leads without any problems. You want to learn new variations and receive advice from one of the best international swing dancers.
  • Aerials: No previous experience in acrobatics is required. It is mandatory to sign up with a partner.
  • Balboa Intermediate: You know the all basic steps. You’ve been dancing it for more than one year. This level will be tought by the international teachers Marcus Koch and Bärbl Kaufer.